Solar Energy in Northern Ireland

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Solar Thermal Hot Water

solar hot water panel
Even in Northern Ireland Solar Thermal panels can provide between 50-70% of annual domestic hot water requirements.

Given global energy price trends, your savings are set to grow substantially in the future.

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Heat Pump Technology

heat pumps

Heat pumps are revolutionising how we heat our homes, offices and buildings.

  • up to 400% efficient
  • widely used globally
  • qualify for RHI incentives
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Solar PV Electric Panels

solar electric panel
Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity, contain no moving parts and last at least 25 years with minimal maintenance.

Solar PV systems can still produce electricity on cloudy days, much as a pocket calculator works indoors.

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Solar Energy System for Commercial Properties

More Businesses are discovering that solar is an effective and reliable business partner.

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Solar Energy Systems for Domestic Properties

Solar Systems provide clean and renewable energy that's safe for your family and the environment.

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Solar Energy Systems for Agriculture

Solar energy is an obvious choice for many agricultural applications, its reliable, low-maintenance and effective in controlling costs.

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Solar Energy Systems for Government

With the Northern Ireland Government introduction of a 40% renewable target by 2020; there is a need for a strategic approach.

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