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The Solar PV Panel

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Many products in the renewables sector have exceptional designated lifespans and Solar PV panels are no exception. In recent years solar PV panels are carrying extensive 25 year manufacturers warranties for sustained power output.

Currently the minimum output that a solar PV panel will maintain throughout the warranty is typically around 80 percent over a 25 year period, so don't be expecting a reduction in solar power generated anytime soon!

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Solar Electricity

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight into electricity. PV modules, comprising solar cells, are electrically interconnected and produce electricity whenever they are exposed to light. They work in diffuse light as well as in direct sunlight; their output is proportional to the amount of sunlight received.
PV modules are usually mounted on roofs, but can be placed in any southerly facing location which receives little or no shading during the course of the day. A PV system could also be part of a facade or be mounted on the ground. PV modules produce DC electricity which is then converted to mains synchronised AC electricity by an inverter, which also performs protection functions.
The Solar Electric System & how it produces Solar Power
Solar power systems are entirely modular, and can be installed in any size from around 1kW or 8-10 square metres with no upper limit. Some roofs may be unsuitable for retrofitting PV, for instance because they do not have a continuous, un-shaded area on which to mount the PV modules, or because they cannot take the weight of the PV modules.
PV systems contain no moving parts, and are essentially maintenance free. We do recommend a visual check every few years and cleaning of the modules as and when required.

Solar RadiationUK & Ireland

Solar irradiation Northern Ireland
A typical household consumes between 3000 & 4000 kWh on average per annum. Based on the European irradiation guidance Solar Panels in Northern Ireland rated 2kWp at the optimum angle could provide almost 40% of your electricity needs i.e. 1600 kWh.

However this can vary considerably depending on your electricity consumption and how energy efficient your property and electrical appliances are.

frequently asked questions